The Value of a Day

The Value of a DayFor many, a day is simply another tally for a week, for a month or for a year. But come and ask a busy mother the value of a day and she’ll tell you through the manner in which she stretches it into 24 hours for her dozen different roles.

A mother is the first one up and the last one down. She gets up at dawn when even the roosters are still fast asleep and is still up when her family has gone dreaming. She sets everybody up and then herself. She makes sure the house becomes warm enough for her family to come home to. She tucks everyone in and finally finds time for herself, with her thoughts and in her prayers. She does all of these with the swiftness of love. Indeed, you know the value of day when you’re a mother.

You know the value of a day too when the possibility of being without one becomes apparent in your life. Just ask a 38-year old who had been diagnosed with some cancer. Her world, her dreams, her life suddenly comes crashing down. The possibility of losing her days to death becomes so real that the value of one day – today is priceless.

It was in October of 2010, when my doctor told me that I had uterine cancer. It wasn’t the stubborn kind, she said and that we should remain hopeful. Except that, I was also penniless while nursing an ailing mother back then. We have had to give up what we could to see me through the operation. During that time, my “todays” became priceless. That’s the value of a day for someone who could sleep tonight and not wake up the following morning.

We make each day count, each day matter and each day live up to its infinite value for we could lose everything.

These were my thoughts when I read the first several pages of Arun Gogna’s new book, “Today is Your Day.” It is light and entertaining reading that will not fail to make you smile. But it will also make you reflect. The power of this book lies in its simplicity and how ordinary stories have been used as vehicles for God’s profound truths. It would be easy and tempting to simply gobble everything up until the last page. But I prefer to take it one bite at time so that I have something to perk me up each day. The quotes will gently stroke your hearts while the “today affirmations” will set you up ready.

One line that spoke to me was this: “Even if one is sick and deteriorating, but if he has found a purpose for his life, then he is fulfilled.” I was told that my cancer was only at stage 1a which basically spared me from the more gruesome treatments but my complete healing is still under way. Part of that healing would be finding my “one thing” which makes my “todays” all the more important.

God has kept me safe and alive for a purpose just as He has a purpose for all of our lives. But it’s only when we make each day count that we get the chance to live out that purpose.

Get up. Let’s make today our day.


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